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Authored by Professor Ron

Mobile Website Design: Having a mobile website today is no longer an option for any business. Having a mobile website today is a critical must. If you do not have a mobile website, or at least a mobile application presence, then perhaps you need to read a Google report on the importance of having a mobile website. At least 95% of your potential customers use a smart-phone to browse and search for businesses just like yours, and 65% will reject your business if your competitor has a mobile website and you do not. How many times have you seen 20 or 30 people standing at a bus-top or airport terminal holding a desktop computer? Most likely never. However, you have seen hundreds of people each week standing at those places with a smart-phone, browsing a mobile website, etc.


Mobile Website Graphics

To design an effective mobile website, you need compatible mobile website graphics. The same graphics on your desktop website will not work on your mobile website unless they are properly re-sized, and re-formatted. Mobile website graphics must be programmed by a mobile website designer to ensure the same high-resolution as the desktop version. NAASmoble.Com will edit, re-format, and maintain high-resolution mobile graphics for your mobile website. We will ensure that a different set of mobile graphics are applied to your mobile website per the function of mobile viewing device used by your prospective customer.


Mobile Website SEO

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is more important for mobile than desktop devices because the growth of mobile phone usage and mobile reach has accelerated past desktop over the past 3 years. Mobile SEO ensures that your mobile website is ranked high via the mobile version of the Google search engine. We help you rank higher on the mobile version of the Yahoo mobile search engine, as well as the mobile version of the Bing search engine. We provide mobile content, as well as mobile seo tags.


Mobile Website Landing pages

We create Mobile splash pages, and re-direction links for your desktop platform. When customers access your desktop platform website from any iPhone, Windows 7 phone, iPod Touch, iPad, or smart-phone device, the customer is re-directed to a compatible Mobile Splash page. Never miss a potential customer. To begin your mobile website strategy, it may be more preferable to create a single mobile website page.


Mobile Website Cross-Platforms

In designing any mobile website, it is important for the mobile website designer to consider his design from the perspective of his client's prospective customer. The optimal mobile website design must consider the top-selling mobile smartphones on the market. We design, create, and host mobile websites for deployment on multiple mobile platforms, and mobile operating systems. Android, iOs, Safari mobile, Windows, Nokia, Galaxy, Samsung, and the top 10 smartphone brands. All mobile websites are tested against all smart-phone brands.


Mobile Website App Directory

We design, and build mobile website directories, as well as mobile applications that incorporate business directories. We encourage small-businesses, women, minorities, as well as others to consider our services for optimal business exposure. We develop mobile apps that include your contact information, social media channels, and the latest Google technology that will display on any smart-phone. Our mobile applications use the Eclipse, and native Java platforms for optimal performance on the Android and iOS operating platforms.


Responsive Mobile Websites

Are you using a .m as a prefix for your mobile website? Are you using .mobi domain? If you answered 'yes' then most likely you do not have a responsive mobile website. What is responsive mobile design? A responsive mobile website design is a website design technique that requires a skilled designer to create a single website that will adapt to the device on which its being viewed, whether it a laptop, smartphone or tablet. A site built with responsive design will automatically resize for different devices and will have the same URL for desktop, mobile and tablets

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