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Las Vegas WordPress Classes

Las Vegas WordPress Classes

Las Vegas WordPress Classes. Super Series Las Vegas WordPress Classes include Web Security. Instructor Professor Ron.

Authored by Professor Ron

For less than the cost of a Purdue Honors graduate Professor Ron (Engineer, Programmer, and Educator) is now offering his unique, Las Vegas WordPress Classes, Super Series Las Vegas WordPress Classes for the ultimate learning experience. One of the most dynamic,talented, engaging, and personable WordPress expert on the West Coast, Professor Ron provides the necessary tools to learn WordPress in a half-day! What good is a WordPress website, if you do not know how to protect it? If you are offered a WordPress Class from a company that lacks a pure WordPress x website site, then walk in the opposite direction!

As Professor Ron, I will personally take you through the tedious and meticulous steps of mastering the concept of WordPress. Las Vegas WordPress Classes. Super Series Las Vegas WordPress Classes! No videos. No thick and boring manuals to purchase. No foreign instructors with limited English skills. No fly-by-night out-of-town instructors who have no connection or empathy for the local community. We do not use persons who have no college degree or persons who have no college education from any school that is not ranked in the Top 10 in the world. Our prices reflect both our knowledge, skill, and education.

With my knowledge of 20 years of web design consultation and programming, I am confident that I can teach any student the fundamentals of WordPress as well as the basics if Website security. Las Vegas WordPress Classes. Super Series Las Vegas WordPress Classes! All it takes is motivation, will-power, and the desire to learn the most powerful content-management-system on the Internet. As Professor Ron, our talented instructors will oversee our WordPress Super Series Classes.

Las Vegas WordPress Classes. What is WordPress and Why is WordPress so Important?

What is WordPress and Why is taking Las Vegas WordPress Classes so Important? WordPress is a powerful Content Management System that is perfect for persons just learning web design, blog creation, or needing a basic business or personal website. WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing. Since that time, WordPress programmers have constantly updated the code and made it even simpler to create a website, blog, or shopping cart. Today, WordPress is now the most popular Content Management System in the world. Yet, Las Vegas WordPress Classes are not taught locally in most school districts.

With our Las Vegas WordPress Classes Training Series, we will break down the complexity of WordPress to such a level that a 10-year old can learn. Only a person with years of experience can make something complex seem so simple. The latest version of Las Vegas WordPress Classes, Super Series, is now available for the motivated and willing learner. In simplest terms, you need to learn WordPress like you need a Smart-phone for business.

WordPress Clases. Super Series Course Outline and Las Vegas WordPress Classes Course Description: Limited to 20 Students per Month. First-come, first-served.

Our Las Vegas WordPress Training Series is by invitation only, and only for beginners. In our WordPress training series, our Instructors begin each series with a broad course overview, and then narrow the instruction to cover the key facets of setting up WordPress, learning the Administrative panel, learning how to create a basic WordPress site, theme selection, and basic WordPress security. Would you drive your car to a store and leave yout cars in the ignition? Most likely not. Let Professor Ron teach you how to protect the WordPress ignition and thwart cyber attackers, intruders.

  1. Las Vegas WordPress Classes teach students how to get started with WordPress;

  2. Las Vegas WordPress Classes teach how to navigate each portal of the WordPress Dashboard;create new content;
  3. Las Vegas WordPress Classes teach how to create a WordPress page;
  4. Learn how to create WordPress blog post;
  5. Learn how to perform media uploads;
  6. Learn how to create a WordPress Podcast;
  7. Learn how to select a WordPress Theme;
  8. Learn How to perform SEO on your WordPress theme;
  9. Learn what is a WordPress Plug-in;
  10. Learn how to fix a broke WordPress website;
  11. Learn how to incorporate Google Analytics, or Adsense in your WordPress site;
  12. Learn the optimum WordPress settings to boost your WordPress Internet presence;
  13. Learn how to Upload WordPress themes;
  14. Learn how to use FTP with your WordPress Site;
  15. Learn to use Google/Microsoft/Yahoo settings to boost WordPress traffic;
  16. Learn how to select the best WordPress theme for your business objectives;
  17. Learn how to use images to boost traffic in WordPress;
  18. Learn how to create a custom newsletter for your WordPress site;
  19. Learn about basic WordPress security. Keep the keys out of the ignition;
  20. Learn how to incorporate e-commerce in your WordPress site;
  21. Learn how to create a responsive WordPress theme;
  22. Learn how to track traffic via Mobile vs. Desktop users, and how to create a digital foot-print for individual users;

  23. etc. For a full course description. Contact us.

Las Vegas WordPress Classes